One of the best solutions to efficiently remove all petroleum-based oil, fats, greases and oily wastes as well as animal and vegetable oils that float on a surface of water.
The original OILSKIMMERS Models 6V and 5H are found in tens of thousands of the most diverse and demanding applications around the world.
They do their job of picking up oil day after day, year after year with virtually no supervision or maintenance.
Oil adheres to the outside of the closed-loop tube as it is slowly drawn across the surface of the water and into the oilskimmer.


Modell 6V

The model 6V oil recovery system removes swimming waste oil by means of a specially formulated collector tube.
The unit removes up to 100 gallons of waste oil per hour and decants it into a drum - so efficiently that the recovered waste oil is virtually water-free.
The oilskimmer model 6V system is the dependable, cost-effective and uncomplicated solution for removing oily wastes of the surface of water.


Modell 5H

The model 5H is a compact oilskimmer specially designed for small or hard-to-get-at places. It can be installed on open or closed tanks. Like the oilskimmer model 6V it is fully automatic and works 24 hours/day, 7days/week.
It can be mounted close to the oil in a small area.


Modell 1H

Das Modell 1H rundet die Produktpalette bei den Schlauchskimmern nach unten ab. Mit dem Modell 1H steht nun ein kompaktes Geräte aus Edelstahl für kleinere Anwendungen zur Verfügung. Speziell bei Werkzeugmaschinen, Kühlschmierstoffpflegeeinrichtungen und Entfettungsanlagen findet dieses Gerät seinen Einsatz


OilSkimmers, INC.

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