Waste water technology

Activated carbon and ion exchanger plants

ZIMMERMANN supplies complete activated carbon and ion exchanger plants for the elimination of organic materials or heavy metals. The plants have following advantages:

  • compact dimensions
  • automatic enterprise
  • regeneration service
  • high-quality PP pipework system

Capacity range: 100 l/h - 5,000 l/h


Waste water treatment plants

ZIMMERMANN complete waste water treatment plants consisting of e.g.:

  • buffer tanks
  • neutralization reactors
  • separators and gravel filters
  • ion exchangers
  • final inspection
  • pipings and controls

Such projects are completed from lab tests over permit planning to the assembly and start-up completely in one hand.
Capacity ranges: 100 l/h - 20,000 l/h


Controls for waste water technology

ZIMMERMANN plans and supplies controls for waste water technology.
Your treatment plant does not correspond any longer to the state of the art? We modernize the existing plant and equip you with most modern control engineering. That disburses itself fast. Faulty operations are prevented. Maintenance activities can be reduced. Your personnel relieves. We offer:

  • process engineering change
  • switch cabinet construction
  • programming of PLC
  • signal logging systems
  • remote control systems